Green Knitted Dress

Green Dress Pattern

I have 20 (gulp!) balls of yarn in the perfect green.

I have a pattern.

Hopefully soon I shall have a dress!

That's right, I'm knitting myself a dress. Am I crazy or what?

Speaking of all things crazy (since it's been driving me barmy), I've had a few emails saying that people have had trouble leaving a comment. Ach - stupid Blogger! Hopefully we've fixed the issue, and we've opened up the comments now so that anybody can leave one but do let me know via my email on the side bar if you are still having a problem with it.

deadlycraft  – (2:14 pm)  

I am very jealous of that colour and you look to have found a pattern for a knitted dress which isn't all 70s and weird - good work! Question...looks like a French pattern - are you knitting in translation or original French?

Jorth!  – (2:43 pm)  

Deadlycraft, it's an original Phildar pattern that was available in English. Phew - no translation required this time!

cherri  – (4:16 pm)  

Wow that is an ambitious challenge! You'll do a smashing job though I'm sure! I love the colour, have been looking for a winter coat that colour, jade green?

Trash  – (9:17 pm)  

I remember my mother knitting herself a lace dress one Winter. your colour s much lovelier than the brown she used.

Nikki  – (10:01 pm)  


MB@YarnUiPhoneApp  – (5:20 am)  

Love that DK (or is sportweight) yarn. A dress, hurrah! We don't see enough of those in the knitting world. Be sure to block maybe knit an inch or less in the event garment grows.

Fer  – (1:23 pm)  

It's a fantastic dress and will look absolutely gorgeous on you. I admire your courage in tackling something like this!

theperfectnose  – (11:11 pm)  

That is insane. Best of luck. I've been looking for a good knitting machine so I can do this type of thing but they're so hard to come buy (not to mention servicing) in Oz that I'm gonna wait till I get back to the UK and pick up one there. Getting it back will be another thing altogether..

Lisette M  – (10:37 am)  

How can I contact Phildar to buy this pattern?. Their website is a little hard to navigate since the English version is not available.

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